It was a slow fade, but eventually the corporate culture surrounding me turned toxic and out of alignment with my core beliefs. Instead of just sitting around and complaining about how miserable my life was, I CHOSE take action and build my passion of photography into a successful commercial photography business. While building my business, working full time, being a father to my three kids under the age of 10, and keeping my wife Brenda of over 14 years happy, I received the prestigious honor of being featured by National Geographic’s ‘Your Shot’.


Now, whether I am photographing the cover of an international corporation’s marketing literature or photographing Grammy award winners, my experience in the high-pressure world of aerospace and defense testing has given me the skills to ensure that my photography ALWAYS delivers for my customers.



In my previous corporate life, I was a test engineer that led NASA and department of defense teams on some of the most challenging projects both on and OFF planet Earth.

During this 16 year phase of my life, whether I was testing landing systems for Mars robots, NASA’s space suit, or fighter jet systems; my camera accompanied me while I traveled to over half of the Earth’s continents, including Antarctica.